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Main Office: (913) 371-4040      Topeka: (785) 272-0820

A Word About Trust and Your Planning Options

It goes without saying that you put your trust in your doctor. You put your trust in your dentist, your financial advisor, your home builder. You have time to build a trust relationship with them, to get to know them, and to change your mind if you withdraw that trust. Trust is important in business and personal matters. Those to whom you extend your trust can have a great impact on your life.

But in the case of funeral and burial planning, there often isn’t time to develop an understanding and build a trust relationship. Often, the choice is based on intuition, convenience, or recommendations from friends. A critical decision, funeral and burial arrangement is a one-time experience—particularly if it has been left until the time of need. How can you mitigate any issue or extra expense that might be incurred when trying to choose your funeral and burial planning needs?

Although it’s not required by law for funeral homes to post their prices online, funeral homes are required to give you a general price list when pricing information is requested. If you can’t find pricing online, you may find yourself spending extra time and attention to collect details from various options. Even then you may find yourself comparing apples to oranges because of the way services and products are marketed.

Our counselors can help you sort through these options and understand each component. At Catholic Cemeteries, we are committed to making sure you understand the arrangements you are paying for. By simplifying the expenses and ensuring you understand them, our counselors carry out our mission of transparency in helping the faithful afford arrangements that include dispensation in sacred ground. Additionally, we provide a listing of costs for cemetery and burial needs on our website. Our pricing is not only upfront, but it is fair. Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas is not a commercial business but instead is a non-profit ministry of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.

In the case of at-need planning, how do you know which funeral home or cemetery you can trust? You may have heard the phrase, “Always, always, always question the source.” The same can be said in the end-of-life planning business. Always question the source before trusting them with your business. Here are some things to consider when look for these signs of integrity and deciding where to place your trust:

Are they clear about the cost of services and products? If a company does not list its prices online, you have less opportunity to shop around and compare prices before making definite plans. Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas has always published its prices online.

Do they publish their price list and make it easily accessible? One thing to look for is whether an organization publishes its price list on their website. The website is one platform you can look to for help in comparing prices and setting your own expectations about what you may need to spend. A funeral home that doesn’t publish its prices on its website doesn’t give you an opportunity to compare costs ahead of time or prepare questions to ask about pricing. Some providers will tell you it’s too hard to make comparisons. Sometimes because of lingo and specifics, you might have difficulty with comparisons. But once you understand the process, you’ll find the basic services are very similar. Price differences, however, could indicate a difference in quality, different options on specifics, or a provider simply choosing to charge what the market will bear.

Talk to friends and relatives about experiences. Read reviews and follow up on responses that make you feel uncomfortable. Different services, such as cosmetology, may have a range in price, but if you feel comfortable that the work done by a less expensive funeral provider will be appropriate, you might not want to spend the extra money on someone top-notch.

Talk to a family services consultant at Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas. As a nonprofit ministry of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, our primary mission and responsibility is to help ensure that Catholics are buried in sacred ground. We want to help you plan the most affordable and appropriate arrangements for funeral and burial needs and ensure that the deceased is cared for with the respect and dignity essential to our faith. If you already have funeral arrangements, we are also happy to review these with you at no cost to ensure you understand what you have purchased and have all aspects in order so there are no surprises later.

Our office can be reached at 913-344-7527 or by filling out the information at this link. We look forward to serving you in your planning needs.

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