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Have You Done Your Homework?

Have you done your homework? What does your preferred funeral home charge for the services you want? How can you find out? Ask them!! Some funeral homes post their prices on their websites. But others are less forthcoming with their price list. It’s your right to see prices up front. Funeral homes are required by the FTC to provide price lists to anyone who requests them, either in person or by phone.

If the funeral home’s general price list (GPL) leaves you confused, you are not alone. GPLs can be lengthy and complicated. In the Kansas City area alone, we have some GPLs that are 4 pages long and some as long as 27 pages! How do you make sense of all those line items?

Once you have secured the GPL from three or four suitable funeral businesses close to your home, you can do your own service/value comparison to see what you get for your money. If you are confused after reviewing the GPLs once or twice, we suggest a simple comparison of these four categories:

• Services of funeral director and staff

• Embalming

• Transfer of the deceased from place of death to funeral home

• Other preparation (includes casketing, cosmetics, dressing, etc.)

These four basic service categories for a traditional funeral vary greatly from business to business. But simply comparing them will give you a pretty good idea of which funeral service company fits your budget and desires. It’s up to you to determine which business offers best value for your personal selections.

If you prefer cremation, start with comparing the “simple cremation” or “direct cremation” pricing from these three or four businesses. In some cases, traditional funeral homes charge as much for cremation as our partner funeral home charges for a traditional full-body funeral!

When you research these prices, remember that every funeral or cremation service business has additional services and products to help you personalize the “celebration of life” you choose. Any deviation or request from the standard price list will add cost.

Our experienced counselors can explain these costs, help you sort through them to figure out what you need, and suggest ways to help you save money, time, and stress when pre-planning your funeral and burial. Visit our website at www.cathcemks.org to find lots of valuable information about funeral planning, pre-arrangement and our cemeteries. Or call us directly at (913) 344-7527.

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