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Monuments are memorials that rise above lawn level two inches above ground or more.

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The beauty and majesty of our Catholic faith can be captured forever in a timeless series of personalized “memorials”. With designs based on sacred symbols and writings of Christianity, you will find a wide range of monuments and markers from which to choose at your Catholic cemetery office, or from your in-home consultation with a Family Service Advisor. Monuments and markers can be personalized with an individual’s photo, or even a collage of photos that tell a special story of one’s passage through life. a story to be shared with all who visit the Catholic cemetery for generations to come.

In traditional ground burial, memorials are defined within two explicit categories, monuments being one category and markers being the second. Monuments are any memorial that rises above lawn level from 2 inches above ground or higher. Monuments are also required to sit on gravesites that are larger than traditional marker gravesites. The reason for this is that monuments once set are unable to be moved, even at the time of the interment service (burial). Hence the additional expense for these grave sites which are typically required to be sold in 2-4-6-or 8 grave space allotments.

For those families who are considering an upright memorial, Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas provides a wide selection of monuments manufactured from domestic and imported granite. We have hundreds of styles available to choose from including those with beautifully hand-carved sculptures, state of the art laser etchings, and customized monuments designed by our own artists. Whether you prefer a more traditional style monument or an elaborate religious statue, your Catholic Cemeteries counselor can walk you through the entire process while providing you with options to suit your needs.


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