Catholic Cemeteries



Among the many benefits offered by Catholic Cemeteries, we can help you pre-arrange your end-of-life plans to suit your preferences and to save your family the stress of making these decisions at a later date.

Interment/Entombment Options

  • Cremation Indoor And Outdoor
    • Cremated remains receive the same committal service as full casket. Options for inurnment include niches, indoor or outdoor of the mausoleum. Also, in-ground outdoors with a variety of selected options. For more information, visit our page on cremation.
  • Lawn Crypts – Single And Double
    • Preset vaults in designated sections. Singles are side-by-side. Doubles have upper and lower compartments, so two people can share the same vault. The committal service is the same as for regular ground burial.
  • Perpetual Care
    • A portion of all payments received for goods and services is set aside for perpetual care of our cemeteries.

Memorials and Markers

  • Memorial Floral Programs
    • Vases and floral arrangements are available for annual contract in mausoleums. Also, seasonal outdoor arrangements are offered for special holidays.
  • Temporary Grave Markers
    • In-ground burials that have no previous marker in place are provided a temporary marker for 30 days. If a permanent marker is bought and paid for through Catholic Cemeteries, the temporary marker will remain in place until the permanent marker is set in ground.
  • Memorial Engraving
    • Complete engraving or additions to existing markers or monuments can be arranged through our office.

Burial Services

  • Chapel Services
    • All burial services have the option of having the committal service in a mausoleum chapel, if the family prefers.
  • Graveside Services
    • Traditional for in-ground burial, the services include tent, chairs, and grass rug draping.
  • Annual Memorial Day Observance
    • Outdoor Masses are said at five of our seven cemeteries. The schedule is published in The Leaven or can be obtained through a call to our office.

Staff Assistance

  • Bi-Lingual Staff
    • A staff member will provide English/Spanish interpretation and translation.
  • Family Service Advisors 24/7
    • Family service advisors are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide help for families’ at-need requirements.
  • On Site Location Assistance
    • The location of the burial site of a loved one can be obtained from the cemetery offices in both Wyandotte and Johnson Counties.
  • Genealogy Assistance
    • Family members seeking information about the location of a loved one need only email, telephone, mail or visit our office for complementary response. Commercial genealogists with 3 or more requests may leave the request with us to be researched as time will allow. A $25 donation is suggested for commercial research requests. Contact us for more information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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