Interment/Entombment Options

Traditional Grave Spaces

Full casket, in-ground with vault, marker and opening and closing. Includes tent, chairs and grass-rug service at graveside. For more information, visit our page on ground burial.

Mausoleum Crypts – Indoor and Outdoor

Full casket in crypt with lettering and opening and closing. Includes committal service in mausoleum chapel. For more information, visit our mausoleum page.

Cremation Indoor and Outdoor

Cremated remains receive the same committal service as full casket. Options for inurnment include niches, indoor or outdoor of the mausoleum. Also, in-ground outdoors with a variety of selected options. Visit our page on cremation for more information.

Lawn Crypts – Single and Double

Preset vaults in designated sections. Singles are side-by-side. Doubles have upper and lower compartments, so two people can share the same vault. The committal service is the same as for regular ground burial.

Burial Vaults and Cremation Urn-Vaults

All in-ground burials require an outer container for the casket or cremated remains. A variety of choices are available at cemetery offices.

Perpetual Care

A portion of all payments received for goods and services is set aside for perpetual care of our cemeteries.


All caskets include an upholstered interior, pillow, mattress, and adjustable bed. Handles and a clear lacquer finish are also standard features. A cross is optional. Each Trappist Casket meets or exceeds industry standards for strength and size, and all models fit within a standard size burial vault.

View our selection of caskets.

Memorials and Markers

Memorial Markers and Upright Monuments

Flat markers and upright monuments are regulated by cemetery location. They are all available at cemetery offices.

Memorial Floral Programs

Vases and floral arrangements are available for annual contract in mausoleums. Also, seasonal outdoor arrangements are offered for special holidays.

Temporary Grave Markers

In-ground burials that have no previous marker in place are provided a temporary marker for 30 days. If a permanent marker is bought and paid for through Catholic Cemeteries, the temporary marker will remain in place until the permanent marker is set in ground.

Memorial Benches and Landscaped Patios

A prescribed donation is required for partial cost. Location is determined by space available. You can then purchase online.

Memorial Engraving

Complete engraving or additions to existing markers or monuments can be arranged through our office.

Pricing Information

Burial Services

Chapel Services

All burial services have the option of having the committal service in a mausoleum chapel, if the family prefers.

Graveside Services

Traditional for in-ground burial, the services include tent, chairs, and grass rug draping.

Regularly Scheduled Masses

Every three months, Mass is said at one of our two mausoleum chapels on a rotation basis. Families of those deceased since the last Mass receive an invitation to attend. An open invitation is extended through an announcement in The Leaven.

Annual Memorial Day Observance

Outdoor Masses are said at five of our seven cemeteries. The schedule is published in The Leaven or can be obtained through a call to our office.

Staff Assistance

Bi-Lingual Staff

A staff member will provide English/Spanish interpretation and translation.

Pre-planning Assistance – No Interest Payments

Pre-arrangement of burial services is always available by calling our office 24/7. Family service advisors will explain options and requirements and discuss our popular no interest payment plan.

Family Service Advisors 24/7

Family advisors are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide help for families’ at-need requirements.

Parish Bereavement Organization Assistance

Several staff members can assist parish groups in establishing grief support services.

The Journey of Grief

On Site Location Assistance

The location of the burial site of a loved one can be obtained from the cemetery offices in both Wyandotte and Johnson Counties.

Genealogy Assistance

Family members seeking information about the location of a loved one need only email, telephone, mail or visit our office for complementary response. Commercial genealogists with 3 or more requests may leave the request with us to be researched as time will allow. A $25 donation is suggested for commercial research requests. Contact us for more information.