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Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

Dear Friends in Christ,

In my time in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, I have been deeply impressed with the special ministry of the Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas. Catholic Cemeteries does an excellent job in assisting individuals and families in making important decisions in accord with Catholic principles for the burial and interment of their loved ones.

The staff is very proactive in educating parishioners about Church teachings on Catholic burials and options available. Burial in a Catholic cemetery is encouraged for members of our Archdiocesan Church. Catholic cemeteries also welcome family members of other faiths. Another element of the ministry of  Catholic Cemeteries is inviting people to plan ahead and to make pre-need arrangements for the ease and comfort of their survivors.

In its own special way, this ministry rounds out and complements the many other ministries and services of the Archdiocesan Church. From birth through burial, the Church ministers as Jesus did — always with tremendous concern about the value of life and deep respect for the dignity of the human person.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe in the resurrection. We know that this world is not all there is. We look forward to our eternal destiny that was given to us through the waters of Baptism. At the same time, we have a profound respect for the human body. We reverence the mortal remains of our loved ones as temples that carried the life of Christ. We believe in the resurrection of the body. Catholic Cemeteries helps us care for the bodies of our loved ones with the reverence and respect that is reflective of what we believe as Catholics.

I wish to thank the staff of Catholic Cemeteries for their special ministry. I encourage you to contact them now or at your time of need to experience this ministry in action.

Sincerely yours in Jesus, the Lord of Life

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann
Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

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