Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What options does Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offer for final resting places of loved ones?

ANSWER: Depending on the cemetery that you choose, we offer many options for final disposition of remains. These include traditional ground burial (lawn level marker or raised family monument); mausoleum crypts (interior or exterior); and columbaria (niches for cremated remains, located in a mausoleum or freestanding in our cemeteries).


QUESTION: Why choose a Catholic cemetery over a Catholic section in a cemetery that is not Catholic?

ANSWER: The U.S. Bishops state a preference that Catholics be buried in Catholic cemeteries or columbaria for cremated remains. Our cemeteries place a strong emphasis on the value and meaning of a sacred place for remembering and for prayer. From a practical perspective, Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers reasonable, competitive and transparent pricing. Our Family Service Advisors encourage pre-arrangements to help ease the burden of persons needing to make financial and other end-of-life decisions at the time of the death of a loved one.


QUESTION: Can people other than Catholics be buried in Catholic cemeteries?

ANSWER: Services provided by Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas are available for persons who are not Catholic.


QUESTION: Can Catholics be cremated?

ANSWER: The Church is open and accepting and permits cremation as an alternative and option for Catholics. The Church’s preference is that the whole body is present for the funeral rites (Vigil and Mass) and that cremation occurs afterwards. However, it is acceptable for cremated remains to be present during the funeral rites. The request is that cremated remains be treated with the same respect as with which we respect the body – the manner in which remains are carried, contained, transported and placed for final rest. Scattering or enshrining cremated remains in your home is not the reverent disposition required. Urns with remains should be placed in a columbarium (bank of niches) in a mausoleum or freestanding in the cemetery, or buried in the ground.


QUESTION: What does “perpetual care” mean?

ANSWER: Perpetual care means that when you contract with Catholic Cemeteries for services, we care for your burial or entombment site long into the future. Coverage of routine maintenance and grounds keeping is built into our payment structure. Investment of funds with the Archdiocesan Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas helps ensure resources are available for this in the future.


QUESTION: What are the advantages of pre-planning or pre-arranging for end-of-life?

ANSWER: There are many reasons to plan ahead for end-of-life needs. By stating your preferences and desires, your wishes will be met. You ease the burden and stress of leaving these decisions to your loved ones at the time of your death. You also gain the financial benefit of interest-free payment plans. Contact us to receive a free Pre-planning Guide.


QUESTION: Is it possible to work with Catholic Cemeteries on all end-of-life plans – from the visitation to the funeral to final committal?

ANSWER: Yes. In addition to our burial and entombment services, Catholic Cemeteries partners with several funeral homes to offer a Funeral Insurance Plan to make this possible for families and individuals. This comprehensive approach to planning is popular, convenient and competitively priced. For more information, visit Funeral Insurance Plan.


QUESTION: When we make pre-arrangements, do we need to pay for all of Catholic Cemeteries services in full in advance?

ANSWER: Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers several convenient pre-payment plans that we can discuss with you.

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