Ground Burial

Interment of the body and cremated remains in a grave remains the most widely used form of burial. Graves are generally of two types, permitting either a raised family monument or a lawn level marker.  All Catholic cemeteries are designed and zoned for aesthetic, operational and maintenance reasons.

When you select a family monument lot, the minimum sized lot is generally four graves. Monument type graves are more expensive since they provide more space. Lawn level marker graves are located either in traditional sections with the family monuments or in special religious feature sections that include exclusively marker graves. Upright monuments and flat markers are regulated by cemetery location. Future care (perpetual care) of all graves is included in the purchase price.

Pre-payment arrangements for ground burials are available through Catholic Cemeteries.


Four of our Catholic cemeteries feature mausoleum chapels with religious themes depicted in beautiful stained glass:

  • Gate of Heaven, Kansas City, Kansas
  • Mt. Calvary, Kansas City, Kansas
  • Mt. Calvary, Topeka, Kansas
  • Resurrection, Lenexa, Kansas

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers you the choice of crypt spaces (interior or exterior). You can choose from a comprehensive line of bronze emblems to adorn the crypt front. Depending on the location, we offer marble, bronze or glass-front cremation niches in the mausoleums.

You will receive a personal access code that will allow for mausoleum visitation seven days a week in a serene and comfortable setting. Another option to consider is a Private Family Mausoleum that is custom-built and designed by and for an individual family.

Much like the ground burial options, you have the opportunity to pre-pay fees to cover the costs of entombment in one of our mausoleums.

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