Openings and Closings

As you plan for an in-ground burial or above-ground entombment in one of our mausoleums or columbaria, Catholic Cemeteries wants you to be aware that there are fees associated with opening and closing the grave, the crypt or niche. These fees cover the physical preparation of the sites and follow-up after the casket, crypt or urn has been placed. These costs include the labor involved with opening the site; placement and disassembling of the setting for the outdoor committal service (tent, artificial turf, chairs); use of the lowering device (at graves); filling the interment space; and leveling the ground and sodding. The fees also go toward administration and permanent and official record-keeping.

If you have made pre-arrangements for burial or interment for yourself and your loved ones in recent years, these fees are likely covered by your pre-payments to the plan. However, if you purchased a gravesite or mausoleum crypt years ago, you or your survivors will likely incur the opening and closing fees that were not paid at that time. In the case of graves or crypts for two or more persons, the fees will be applied for each opening and closing.

A Family Service Advisor can provide additional information for you.


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