Catholic Cemeteries



Among the many benefits offered by Catholic Cemeteries, we can help you pre-arrange your end-of-life plans to suit your preferences and to save your family the stress of making these decisions at a later date. More and more people are choosing this approach.

buy a cemetery planAdvisors for the Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offer you their cemetery knowledge and expertise to make an educated burial selection. They are available when it’s convenient for you: daytime, evenings or weekends.

There is no additional fee for their services. The price of your burial selection is the same, whether purchased from a Family Service Advisor at the Catholic cemetery, or in your home with a Family Service Advisor.

Payment Plan

Most purchases are made under our payment plan. Full payment is required only when a grave or crypt is used. Catholic cemetery payment plans are without interest or carrying charges, so families generally find it more economical to use the plan than to withdraw savings. The low down payment and interest-free monthly payments are extended over a reasonable length of time.

Funeral wishes can be funded with a low initial startup cost and budgeted monthly payments as well. Due to the fact that insurance products are used to cover these expenses at the time of death, that “cost” of insurance is also factored into your monthly payments. While not interest free as in the case of a cemetery purchase, the built-in growth factors of this pre-planning option defray most increases in the cost of future funeral expenses.

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