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John Krumm
John Krumm has longevity with Catholic Cemeteries that spans almost 30 years. While he has seen many changes and positive developments in cemetery services, what he values most is the ministry dimension of his job. As a family service counselor, he strives to be available to help people during these difficult times in their lives. “This truly is a job where you can make a difference,” he said. “You have the opportunity to be there when tough decisions have to be made quickly.” John is a member of St. Ann’s Parish, Prairie Village, Kansas, where he serves as a Eucharistic minister and an usher.
Charlie Owens
Charlie Owens joined the Catholic Cemeteries staff as a family service counselor in July 2005. He had worked 30 years for Knight-Ridder newspapers, retiring from his position as a sales and marketing executive with nationwide responsibilities. Charlie also spent five years as director of marketing for the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. Charlie said that he likes being able to help families think, talk about and pre-arrange burial plans. “It leaves them and me with a feeling that we’ve accomplished something good and helpful,” he said. Charlie is a member of Holy Trinity Parish, Lenexa, Kansas.
Carla Yarnell
Carla Yarnell has extensive customer service experience and communication skills that she focuses on helping and assisting families with their needs and concerns. She began her career with Catholic Cemeteries as the receptionist and advanced to her role as a family service counselor. Her job involves informing people of the emotional, spiritual and financial benefits of pre-need planning and encouraging them to make decisions to achieve peace of mind and to relieve burdens for their loved ones. Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Carla is a member of St. Therese Parish, Parkville, Missouri.
Teresa K. McGuire
Teresa K. McGuire believes that two of the most important things in life to many people are death and their money. Over the 30 years she spent in retail banking as a teller, branch manager, district manager and vice president, she met with families about their financial needs. Now, in her role as a family service counselor with Catholic Cemeteries, Teresa is meeting with people to discuss end-of-life plans and needs. Teresa believes every person should have a say in how he/she is laid to rest – not leaving this up to those that are left behind. She considers making these plans ahead of time a gift to loved ones and a decision couples can share. Teresa is a member of St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, Lawrence, Kansas.
Doug Holmes
Doug Holmes, community service counselor/family service counselor, makes his home in Topeka, Kansas. Doug has a degree from Washburn University in Topeka. For 20 years, he was a chef. He was with a Knights of Columbus field agency for four years and for that same length of time served as an administrator and financial advisor for Holmes & Associates, Chtd
Deacon Chris Slater
Deacon Chris is the Spiritual Advisor for Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas, as well as one of our Family Service Counselors. He and his wife, Aracely, and daughters, Destiny and Paige, are members of Prince of Peace Parish in Olathe. Deacon Chris is here not only to assist you when arranging and pre-arranging your burial plans, but also to assist you and your family with any spiritual or bereavement needs as well.
Tom Spalding
Tom Spalding, Family Service Counselor, has spent his professional career in the consultative sales industry. As a member of the Family Service team, Tom feels that his role in this Catholic Cemeteries ministry allows him to share his faith and offer others peace of mind and comfort in making these decisions ahead of time. Tom and his wife, Julie, along with their three children, are members of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Shawnee, Kansas. He is active with various ministries and a member of the Knights of Columbus 4th degree and Honor Guard/Color Corps.
Peggy Cox
Peggy Cox joined Catholic Cemeteries in fall 2014 after a long career in real estate as a new homes specialist. She has a degree in marketing from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. Peggy values that she has been blessed throughout her life. Through her role with Catholic Cemeteries, she believes that she can share her faith and be of service to other Catholics. Serving as a Community Service Counselor, Peggy says, “This is a perfect fit to use my career skills and spread the word about God’s love displayed so beautifully in burial liturgies and traditions of our Catholic faith.” Peggy is a member of Sacred Heart Parish, Shawnee, Kansas.
Gary Ortiz
After earning a bachelor’s degree from Benedictine College and a master’s from the University of Kansas in Public Administration, Gary served the citizens of various communities in Northeast Kansas as a City Manager or Assistant County Administrator. “I was attracted to this ministry following the death of my father in the summer of 2016. As executor of his estate, I learned that he had thoughtfully and thoroughly made pre-arrangements for his burial, interment and funeral service through Catholic Cemeteries. Gary is a member of St. Patrick’s Parish in Kansas City, Kansas where he carries on a 35 year music ministry as a classically trained cantor. Gary is a husband and father of four and is eager to help the Catholic families of the Archdiocese learn more about protecting their families with the Catholic Burial Plan.
Kelley Mitchell
Kelley Mitchell, Social Media Specialist, was born and raised in Kansas City, attending St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shawnee, Kansas, as a child. Having lived in several parts of the United States as an adult, she is thankful to be settled back in the Shawnee Mission area with her husband and their seven children. Kelley studied at the University of Kansas and holds degrees in news-editorial journalism, English, and digital content strategy. She is a member of Holy Trinity Parish, where she volunteers as an organist and as a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd catechist. As part of the social media team at Catholic Cemeteries, Kelley helps promote a better understanding of our mission, purpose, and services through our website, blog, and social media channels. She is happy to use these communications platforms to answer questions or share information that helps expand the community’s understanding of and insight into our organization. She can be reached at [email protected]
Steven Beat
Steven Beat, a proud Catholic and Website Designer, is originally from Augusta, KS, a small town just East of Wichita. He is blessed to have a loving and caring family, and to be married to his wonderful wife Katherine. Over the years, he has lived in both the Wichita and Kansas City areas. As a website designer, he enjoys helping those with their online presence and believes the internet is one of the best ways to reach out to people. He is grateful to be part of the Catholic Cemeteries’ team by helping those in need to find the answers they are looking for through the use of the website. Steven also enjoys working on other projects with the team to help provide a better online experience for those looking for assistance.

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