Outer Burial Containers

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers a comprehensive line of Outer Burial Containers which are required in all of the Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries.

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers a comprehensive line of outer burial containers, which are required in the Archdiocesan Catholic cemeteries we manage and operate. We have several types, which include the traditional burial containers made of concrete, along with those made of polypropylene. For those families who prefer a more distinctive outer burial container, Catholic Cemeteries offers several different styles of lined containers made of stainless steel, copper and bronze. For our Veterans, Catholic Cemeteries can provide an outer burial container commemorating an individual’s service in the Armed Forces.

Outer burial containers serve a variety of purposes. By placing all caskets or cremation urns in a container, we can provide protection against future settling of the grave. This fundamental Catholic Cemeteries rule preserves, as best as can be, the beauty of the Catholic cemetery as well as the safety of all who walk within the Catholic cemetery grounds.

In the selection of the outer burial container, families achieve additional peace of mind knowing that an elevated level of protection for the casket/urn has occurred. In addition, choosing a lined container offers long-lasting protection needed to resist elements including water and the weight from heavy equipment over time. We should also note that there exists a major difference between a lined vault and a simple grave box/liner (our minimum requirement).

Please consult with your Catholic Cemeteries Family Service Advisor to learn the difference and for more information.

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