Crypt and Niche Floral Program

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas is pleased to provide families with the opportunity to memorialize their loved ones year-round by offering a seasonal floral program. This program includes supplying and installing artificial floral arrangements inside a bronze vase to be installed onto the mausoleum crypt or cremation niche front (granite front only). All floral arrangements will reflect the seasonal changes throughout the year. Participation in the floral program acknowledges that no other items may be placed inside or onto the vase provided and that the vase remains the property of Catholic Cemeteries.


The placement schedule begins with the Summer placement and the approximate dates of floral placements and removal are:
1st Placement: Summer – June 1 to August 31
2nd Placement: Fall – September 1 to November 30
3rd Placement: Winter – December 1 to February 28/29
4th Placement: Spring – March 1 to May 31


A person may elect to enroll in the floral program at any time. The remaining placements in the “Placement Schedule” must be purchased at the time of enrollment and will be prorated according to the per placement cost in the “Pricing” section. For an enrollment to include the floral arrangement for the season in which the purchase is made, the purchase must take place before the cutoff dates listed below:

1st Placement: July 15
2nd Placement: October 15
3rd Placement: January 15
4th Placement: April 15


Renewal inquiries are mailed once a year in the Spring (March – May) for the next four (4) placements. Renewals must be for the full year and are not able to be purchased on a selective or seasonal basis. If a person opts out of the annual renewal, the vase will be removed from the crypt or niche front no later than July 1. The one-time fee for installing the vase will apply if a person later decides to re-enroll in the floral program.



  For more information or to enroll in the Crypt and Niche Floral Program, contact us.

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