Unborn Children and Infants

Unborn Children Sections

As a ministry of the Archdiocesan Church, Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers special arrangements to assist parents experiencing the unexpected loss of an infant due to a miscarriage. Three of our cemeteries have special sections designated for the burial of unborn children: Gate of Heaven, Kansas City, Kansas; Mt. Calvary, Topeka, Kansas; and Resurrection, Lenexa, Kansas. Couples who have had a miscarriage can secure a 12 x 12 inch burial plot in these sections with a stone marker for inscription of the infant’s name or the family name and a date – all at a reduced cost.

To assist parents who are grieving the loss of an unborn child, Catholic Cemeteries is establishing a special fund to help offset burial expenses for families. Click here for more information about the Angel Fund.

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Infant Sections

Five of the cemeteries managed by Catholic Cemeteries have special sections for the burial of infants. We recognize that when these very difficult losses occur, parents and families need compassionate concern. They value the sacred space for remembering available in our cemeteries including Gate of Heaven, Kansas City, Kansas; Mt. Calvary, Kansas City, Kansas; Mt. Calvary, Olathe, Kansas; Resurrection, Lenexa; and St. Joseph, Shawnee.

Learn about the Angel Fund that is being established to assist families with burial expenses.

For more information about the Infant Sections, contact us.

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