Pre-Planning Honors Your Wishes

Among the many benefits offered by Catholic Cemeteries, we can help you pre-arrange your end-of-life plans to suit your preferences and to save your family the stress of making these decisions at a later date. More and more people are choosing this approach.

For Immediate Assistance

We respectfully care for the grounds where your loved ones are laid to rest

March 23, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines 

Scheduling A Funeral; Making Pre-arrangements


To fulfill our mission of burying the dead with dignity and comforting the living with compassion, 

Catholic Cemeteries is striving to do everything possible to help ensure that 

we meet the needs of our families during these challenging times.  

We appreciate your understanding, patience and observance of the guidelines 

Catholic Cemeteries has in place to address concerns related to COVID-19.  

The following guidelines have been implemented to protect the families we serve and our staff. 



Planning In Advance:

Pre-need Arrangements – Catholic Cemeteries is offering a new service through which a Family Service Advisor can connect with you for a remote presentation via your cell phone, computer or tablet. We will send you a link that allows us to screen-share with you to review burial options and plans. You can see the options on your screen, and we can discuss them during this remote mobile presentation. It’s easy and convenient; no special equipment required – only your phone, computer or tablet.


Call 913-371-4040 to learn more.

When A Loved One Dies:

At-need (Immediate Need) Arrangements – During the COVID-19 emergency, Catholic Cemeteries is not maintaining regular office hours at any of our locations. In the event of the loss of a loved one or if death is imminent, please call 913-371-4040 to arrange an appointment with a Family Service Advisor. The Advisor will meet with up to two asymptomatic family representatives to assist with burial arrangements. 

At The Time Of The Funeral:

– In compliance with guidelines provided by the Bishops of Kansas, effective March 17, 2020 and until further notice, all funerals in Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas must be limited to immediate family members who are asymptomatic only.

– Catholic Cemeteries is following CDC guidelines and limiting the number of attendees at each committal service to ten. 

Social distancing (six feet) should be observed by all attendees and staff.

– To observe the social distance of six feet, the field staff will not be available to assist as pallbearers during this pandemic.  

– All committal services will be performed outside. This includes those for persons with mausoleum crypts or niches. 

–We strongly recommend that there be no pre- or post-gatherings at the burial site.  

– The field staff will not be available to lower caskets into the vaults in the ground while the family is present. Placement of caskets will occur after the family and clergy leave the site.  


Other Information:

– Our offices will not be open to assist with genealogy requests at this time. We can offer assistance over the phone or through our website. Please feel free to visit our website at

 – The conditions in which we are operating are constantly changing, so please call prior to coming to the cemetery. Catholic Cemeteries is not maintaining regular office hours at any of our locations at this time.



Call 913-371-4040.

This information is subject to change frequently, so please check our website for updates.


Death as seen through the eyes of a Christian is not the end, it is simply a natural passageway to a changed life with God. Burial in a Catholic cemetery is a statement of continued belief in that everlasting life, even in death.

You are invited to join us for regular memorial Masses and special liturgical celebrations, such as commemorative Masses for persons who have died.

“Where do I start when someone dies?”  From making that first call, to seeking professional advice or asking for help from other family members and friends.  Our step by step outline begins in the following pages.

Memorialize your loved one by taking advantage of our Mausoleum Floral Program. We will assist you in ordering flowers to honor your loved one who has passed. You can order your memorial here.

Among the many benefits offered by Catholic Cemeteries, we can help you pre-arrange your end-of-life plans to suit your preferences and to save your family the stress of making these decisions at a later date.

Our counselors meet with families 365 days of the year to arrange at-need and pre-need purchases and services. A member of our staff is always present at the burial or entombment in our cemeteries.

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About Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas

Holy and sacred places, Catholic cemeteries are an extension of the Church that are dedicated to respectfully caring for the deceased and providing a place of comfort for family members and friends. Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas provides perpetual care for seven cemeteries in Wyandotte and Johnson Counties, as well as  Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Topeka and Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Lansing. We offer a variety of interment/entombment options and work to ensure that your personal or family preferences are central to your plan for burial. Our experienced staff members are dedicated to serving individuals and families at their time of need and providing a peaceful environment for remembrance. A number of videos are available to familiarize you with the grounds we care for. Click here for more information.

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