Cremation is a centuries-old funeral rite that has grown in popularity and preference. The Catholic Church is open and accepting and permits cremation as an alternative and interment option for Catholics. The Church’s preference is that the whole body be present for the funeral rites (Vigil and Mass) and that cremation occur afterwards. However, it is acceptable for cremated remains to be present during the funeral rites. The request is that cremated remains be treated with the same respect as with which we respect the body. This includes the manner in which remains are carried, contained, transported and placed for final rest. Scattering or enshrining cremated remains in your home is not the reverent disposition required. For more information about the Church’s stance on burial and cremation, read the letter by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann.

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers the following options for final placement of
cremated remains:

  • In mausoleum niches (indoor marble, bronze or glass-front and patio/exterior).
  • In ground burial plots and cremation gardens.
  • In columbaria located throughout several of our cemeteries.

In addition to appropriate space for interment of cremated remains, Catholic Cemeteries offers products including cremation urns and urn vaults, and bronze emblems and vases.

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