Private Family Estates

Together throughout much of your lives, your family can choose a Private Family Estate to remain together in eternal rest. You can memorialize your family name with a Private Mausoleum to preserve your heritage and provide a shared resting place for future generations.

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas is offering families this unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy with the design and placement of customized mausoleums in the new “Communio Sanctorum” (Communion of Saints) Family Estates under development starting in Summer 2022 at Resurrection Cemetery, 83 rd and Quivira Road, Lenexa, KS.

Catholic Cemeteries will work with you to select the lot and mausoleum for your family. You will have the opportunity to customize your family mausoleum with stained glass windows, granite walkways, planters, benches, pillars, gates/doors, granite color options, statues, engraving and other features (See below for some samples of family mausoleums.) You may also want to beautify the space with a small garden or landscaping. Catholic Cemeteries Family Service Advisors will assist you during the design and construction phases.


For more information about Private Family Estates, contact us.

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