Family Testimonial

Here’s what one Catholic family says about planning ahead for their cemetery and funeral needs:

dumortierSt. Michael the Archangel parishioners, Liz and Bill Dumortier:

“We thought we understood and had prepared for the process of our funeral and burial. However, in hindsight, we were ‘clueless’. The information we received was helpful in knowing types of burials, costs, caskets and choices.”

Three reasons for planning with Catholic Cemeteries at this time: “#1 – Inner peace – knowing it makes our wishes clearly known so there will be no guessing on the part of our family; #2 – Takes the burden of psychological and financial pressure off our family when we die; #3 – It shows we love and care about those we leave behind.

How easy was it to preplan with your counselor during the home visit? “Incredibly rewarding. It was a spiritual and educational journey, with our extraordinary counselor supporting and gently guiding us through the process…We were blessed God placed Pauline in this position! Listened carefully to our needs, patiently answered questions; as our advocate, we felt trust, comfort and acceptance through the process, including advising, guiding, supporting, encouraging, preparing, assisting, reviewing, resolving.”

Would you recommend that your family and friends take advantage of the Archdiocese’s program? “Yes, definitely! Can’t say enough positive things to encourage all Catholics to commit. Even if you complete the program and choose to wait for final plans, the educational value of the “mechanics” of what to expect is essential. It’s a gift to yourself and those you love to be informed”

And finally, “Do it! Pre-planning is essential. Take advantage of this excellent program. I suspect if we had sought someone in corporate America to take the hours, professional content, and expertise to set up a Burial Plan, we would have paid well over $1000 for what received at no cost.”

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