Bronze Emblems

Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas offers an extensive line of solid bronze emblems to adorn your mausoleum crypt or cremation niche front. From angels to flowers to military symbols, you can select the emblem that best suits remembrance of your loved ones. This allows you to personalize a crypt or niche front.


For above-ground monuments, you have the option of enhancing the gravesite with vases attached to upright monuments or placed in-ground for flat markers.

With your enrollment in our Crypt and Niche Floral Program, Catholic Cemeteries will supply and install artificial floral arrangements inside a bronze vase to be installed onto the mausoleum crypt or cremation niche front (granite front only). For more information, click here.


A cameo is a photo of your loved one that can be processed on different types of materials (ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble, etc.) and placed on the final resting place – an upright monument, lawn marker or mausoleum crypt. The cameo offers a visual remembrance of the deceased each time you visit the gravesite or mausoleum. To view options, click here.


To further enhance the area surrounding a gravesite, you can acquire adjoining space on which to place a granite memorial bench. Or, you can make a financial donation to Catholic Cemeteries to beautify open space in a cemetery with the addition of a memorial bench. These benches can be personalized with your family’s name or a brief passage from Scripture. Placement of a memorial bench is determined by space available.


Catholic Cemeteries invites you to consider making arrangements to plant a tree in memory of your deceased family member or friend in one of the cemeteries we manage and operate. This living memorial and tribute will have long-lasting meaning for future generations who admire its beauty and meaning. A memorial tree reminds us that the legacy of our loved ones continues.

A Catholic Cemeteries Family Services Advisor will work with you on selection of the tree. Ideally, our grounds crew will be able to place the tree in proximity to the gravesite of your family member or friend. Placement of a memorial tree will be determined by space available.

We also welcome monetary contributions to support overall efforts of Catholic Cemeteries to maintain and replace trees throughout our cemeteries in northeast Kansas. To discuss placement of a memorial tree, contact us.


For more information on any of these enhancements, contact us.


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