Planning to scatter their ashes? Give it a second thought.

Cremation has been steadily rising in popularity in the United States, particularly on both coasts. As this form of disposition (which the Catholic Church approved in 1963) expands in the Midwest, Catholic churches are seeing proper disposition of the ashes at Catholic cemeteries become less and less popular. What is behind this falling away from […]

Funerals: The Benefits for the Living

Our last blog discussed ways a funeral benefits the deceased. A common saying is that funerals are for the living. In this blog post, we will consider some of the ways funerals benefit the living. Grieving loved ones receive consolation and peace of mind from end-of-life rituals: Both the visitation and the mass give the […]

Is a “Celebration of Life” Enough?

Not long ago, I attended a celebration of life. It was a very nice event with an opportunity to extend condolences to the family and listen to loved ones share the joy that the deceased’s life had given. It was nice to celebrate a life well lived, and yet it left me feeling a little […]

A Word About Trust and Your Planning Options

It goes without saying that you put your trust in your doctor. You put your trust in your dentist, your financial advisor, your home builder. You have time to build a trust relationship with them, to get to know them, and to change your mind if you withdraw that trust. Trust is important in business […]

Pre-planning: The Benefits Outweigh the Hurdles

Why do we assume that planning for our funeral should be someone else’s responsibility? Too often, we don’t want to deal with thoughts of our own death. We avoid it—putting it off for “some other time.” But, regardless of our reluctance to deal with it, our eventual demise isn’t an “if;” it’s a “when.” And […]

Where do I start? Practical considerations for Catholics faced with the loss of a loved one

“Where do I start?” Faced with the loss of a loved one, family members often grapple with taking the first steps. Families want to know that their loved one will be respectfully cared for, even after death, by ensuring dignified treatment of all arrangements that takes into account Catholic beliefs, expectations and traditions. When confronted […]

Growing up? Growing old? Discussions about dying are tough but necessary

Have you found yourself “adulting”? Or, do you respond to the phrase “millennial”? Maybe you think of yourself as “middle-aged”? If you fall into one of these categories, you may have also noticed that your parents are getting older. They realize it, you realize it, but often nobody wants to talk about it. It seems […]