Catholic Cemeteries


Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 38th and State Ave. in Kansas City, Kansas was established in 1901. Originally 10 acres, Mt. Calvary now encompasses 34 acres. This cemetery erected its first mausoleum in 1974.

Burial Space Is Limited At Mt. Calvary, Kansas City. (July, 2012)

If you have family buried at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 38th and State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas, and/or you had planned to be buried there but haven’t made pre-arrangements, contact one of our family service counselors at your earliest convenience.

Burial space is running out at this Catholic Cemeteries’ location. Only 14 spaces with seven upright monument rights remain. These are located on the far west (43rd Street) side of the cemetery. A total of 277 quality, flat marker spaces are available in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Section and in Section 6G, located west of the mausoleum. These sections can accommodate two, four or eight family members on a limited basis. (Our Lady of Guadalupe Section has 134 spaces; Section 6G, 143 spaces.) Only 47 crypts remain on the outside north wall of St. Joseph Mausoleum at the cemetery. Mt. Calvary was established in 1901 at what was the western edge of Kansas City, Kansas, for many years. To accommodate westward growth, Catholic Cemeteries opened Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery, 126th and Parallel Parkway, in 1996. Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery serves all parishes of Wyandotte County and the surrounding communities.


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